Design Brief
A lot of people head to the gym to get into better shape. Sure, you can hire
a personal trainer to teach you how to properly use gym equipment the
correct way and aim for target areas on your body to improve on, but not
everyone can afford it and to be honest, a lot of people don't like being
preyed on by trainers like hungry vultures. Although some machines have
instructions on them, but the information is minimal and doesn't let you
know how to work out correctly with it. People may go on youtube to find
videos teaching proper usage, but the process of filtering out which videos
are good can be a hassle, plus, not everyone is willing to use so much data
at the gym to plow through multiple videos. There must be a better way!


My fitness app teaches proper gym equipment usage and recommends a
vast range of exercises and diets for users. It also tracks your fitness
progress and allows you to connect with your friends to workout with one
another. In a nutshell it's your very own tness trainer and nutritionist on
your device!


Interface Design


User Scenario
Gloria Lee, 22, Student
Gloria just got off her afternoon class and has returned home. She quickly enters her room drops down her stuff and face plants into her bed. It's been a long week, with school and all thedinner gatherings, she finally has time to herself. After 15min of lying on bed, her phone vibrates. Like natural instinct, she grabs the phone and checks. "Fitness App" notifies her that it's been 4 days since her last work out and she has missed a session already this week.
A progress indicator that she's 85% complete with the current fitness routine with a message to say "You've worked 80% harder than usual users. keep up the hard work! You're nearly there!". She wanted to pass again today, but in her head, missing on workout twice a week is not acceptable. So she
rested for another 5min, got changed and headed out to the gym.

Barbara Waltz, 62, Part time teacher
Barbara doesn't need to teach today. So she's decided to stay home and head down to the clubhouse gym later on this afternoon. She's been trying to do some light exercise at least 4-5 times times a week after hearing about a distant relative of similar age having a minor stroke. Her friend Susanne from the same apartment complex introduced her to an exercise app that was relatively simple to use even with her limited technological understanding. So she opened the app to see what exercises the app recommends for people of her age group. Whilst looking at recommended exercises, she clicked into the "Friends" page to see how her friends have progressed and when they will be exercising next. By chance, Susanne was scheduling an exercise session his afternoon as well! "Perfect!" Barbara thought to herself, "A workout buddy today". She exited the app and called Susanne to meet up for exercise.


Paper Prototype

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.